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Anna-Maya-Kosha-Yoga is the essence of food and diet, and how both the foods we eat, and how we eat, effects our health on all levels; body, mind and soul.


Learn to reinvent how and what you eat so you can manage your weight, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, address burnout and stress, have more vital energy, and take a proactive approach to aging.


This is not about eating a strict vegetarian diet, or following any prescribed diet plan. It is about awareness of the choices we make and how those choices are reflected in our body and our mind. Yoga is an all-inclusive discipline, ignoring no aspect of human existence, which includes how and what we eat. 

Fruits and Vegetables
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Naturopathic Recipes for Health, Sex, Happiness and Love is more than a cookbook for preparing meals. 

It is an exploration of the history, lore, and myth, as well as the nutritional science, behind the foods that we eat.


Physical and mental radiant health, sexual vigor and response, a happy mood and love can all be found in the foods we consume and the recipes we create.In these pages you’ll discover how to eat your wayto a successful life; which is to have radiant health, vitality and adaptability, mental sharpness, love, harmony, happiness and wisdom.

Dark Ocean
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Mastering Karma, Prosperity, Vitality and Naturally Sexy and Healthy will reveal to you the secret pathway

of Soul Walking – a conscious and practical guide for finding wealth, health, happiness, pleasure,

harmony and freedom. Just remember a secret is only a secret until it is revealed.

When the seeker is ready to discover the secret, pathway will be found.

Follow along the pathway of Soul Walking and you too will discover

how to prosper body, mind and soul ~ here and now.

“Traveler what do you seek here…since this world is not your final resting place?”

May you travel with health, happiness and peace. 

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Karma means work, or the conscious choices we make that affect the outcome of our actions. The work we are here to do is about discovering and then attempting to break the vicious cycles of life that prevents us from living our fullest potential. The practice of karma is very practical in our contemporary world. It can help usbring balance and sanity to our work - techno oriented society.


Karma is simply cause and effect; void of judgment. Learning the ancient laws of karma, you can change the course of your life and reap the rewards of health, happiness and peace. Truly you reap what you sow! Discover within these pages your karma, and ways in which you can use, change, and empower it to bring you a life of prosperity.

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Purpose. Following the ancient yoga path of padmi Vidjayou will discover the four aims, or directions.


If taken, they will bring you health, wealth, happiness, peace and freedom. This guide will also reveal the treasures of life. If used wisely, they will bring you the fulfillment, meaning and success you desire.


Walk this path wholly completely and undivided and you will learn the secrets to abundant health, affluence, inner calm, freedom and success.

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Stay Youthful and Healthy and Live a Radiant Life. You can’t stop aging, but you can pro-actively influence the process. From the moment we are born, we begin to age. Taking a proactive approach to aging brings a radiant energy that instills a quality of life.


This book will reveal 12 steps to help you Master Vitality, learn about healthy food, exercise, positive emotional and mental disposition, the importance of laughter, contentment and stress elimination. Taking these simple steps will make the process of maturing filled with youthful vim &vigor while creating vitality for the body, mind and soul. 

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Health and Sexuality are the foundation of life. Everything in life involves some element of sex.


Without sex, not only would life cease to exist, but passion would die, art would disappear, and just about everything that makes the world revolve would wither and fade.


Learn how to live naturally sexy the healthy way!

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It only takes five minutes to receive the benefits of yoga.  Take Five is a simple five minute yoga session that you can download to all your devices. Gentle stretching and movement of the body brings nourishing blood and oxygen to the body-mind creating a release of stress and building of vitality. Perfect for when you just need to take five minutes to stretch, de-stress, relax and breathe. 

Green Light




A Time to Reflect

Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve your overall health. Just five minutes is all it takes to receive the benefits of meditation. In this short five minute video you will learn how to relax, let go and simply meditate as you listen to soothing music.

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Dr. LYN's Anti Aging Yoga Dance

It’s easy and fun with extraordinary results. This fun class combines all the elements of a great workout; flexibility, balance, strength, aerobic conditioning and a few moments of peace and tranquility.  You will burn upwards of 400 calories, while you dance away to the cosmic energy of the universe, and keep your body, mind and soul young, energized and healthy. It’s a cosmic experience not to be missed!

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