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Want to Reinvent how and what you eat~ so you can manage your weight, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, address burnout and stress, have more vital energy,

and take a proactive approach to aging?

Here’s How!

Soul Walking
~The Yoga of Karma & Padmini Vidja ~


Want to live a prosperous life full of health, happiness, wealth and peace?  Follow the path way of Karma and Padmini Vidja each Saturday with Doctor Lynn. Online zoom yoga with a purpose and a goal.  Life becomes what life does– you are what you think, say and do so seek to create balance, strength, flexibility and peace in your life; body, mind and soul, and you will prosper.

Join Doctor Lynn on Zoom  | Saturday @ 10AM PST  -  1PM EST 

Cost: $5 per class

Vitality Yoga 

~ Proactive Aging~ 

Functional Fitness 

Weekly health tips to improve your overall health; body, mind and soul. An easy but effective online class that incorporates strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation to keep you functionally fit and healthy. Combining yoga, dance and an exercise ball this class addresses the issues that concern us most; weight management, aging, mobility, happiness, peace of mind and functionality. Because without function what good is form? In this class we'll work on yoga, dance & yoga ball.

Join Doctor Lynn on Zoom  | Wednesday @ 10AM PST  -  1PM EST 

Cost: $5 per class


Pool Reflection Stretching


Lynn has been such an important person in my life. 

10 years ago I had been hospitalized and all the workouts I had been doing previously were giving me migraines after the accident.

I had just started trying yoga and came to one of her classes in person.

At the time my vertigo was so bad that I couldn't do a downward dog and switched to child's pose in replacement for a bunch of the poses.

But even when I couldn't fully participate, I was listening to her describe the mental aspect of yoga,

and how important clearing your mind and taking those deep breaths are.  Over time my body healed and was able to participate more and more. 

The classes not only healed my body but my mind and soul as well.  Her thoughtful writings to open and close the class inspire all of us. 

I can feel the toxic energy exit my body during the classes, more so than any other workout class I have taken.

It has helped me process so much about myself, and helped me stay sober for 10 years now.

When I went through my two years of intense plantar fasciitis,

I kept coming to class in arch support sandals to do the tree and eagle pose, and her class helped me heal again. 

Then I went through a horrific breakup and felt like I had lost everything and was starting my life over in my mid-thirties.

Her story about the tall tree and the weed reminded me I needed to bend to keep from breaking, to let the pain rush over me and not uproot me.

I have become a stronger person through the lessons, and has helped me grow mentally and physically.

The classes are wonderful for all ages, from beginners to those who have practiced yoga for decades. 

I am so thankful for Lynn as a person, as my yoga instructor and as a friend.
- Sara Funkhouser

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

“Dr Lynn is vibrant, engaging and inspirational.

 She is dedicated, passionate and inspirational.”

  “Dr Anderson’s lectures spoke to me.

She seemed to know where I was heading.”

  “Her voice and soothing demeanor

is calming and at the same time


 “I love Aero*boga! I think it’s exactly what I needed to shake up my   exercise routine.”

 “Aero*boga and the lessons from her book are inspiring and energizing.”

 “She is informative and easy to understand.

She connects with us in a warm and caring way,

to work with you!

Fresh Green Dip
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